The Brand | Glambisque


Our Brand is the accumulation of beliefs and values we believe our team and company strives to hold true in everything that we do every single day.

Everyone can be the best versions of themselves

We believe that looking your best builds confidence, empowers women and that every girl should make the most of makeup and we’re here to help you with that! Through our posts, videos and social updates we’re going to help you on your ‘Makeup Journey’ to get you to the ‘The Best Version of You’. 

You are not alone on this makeup journey

Learning how to put on makeup and getting better at it is a difficult and a lonely process between you, your makeup and the mirror. We’re going to be the people day-in and day-out that believe in you and provide you with the best references and material to help. We’re going to be here championing you on through our social media and website, so stay connected with us and you’ll get there in no time. 

Support and Friendship

We are here for you, to celebrate your makeup successes and to catch you when you fall. We all need some help at some point and you can always reach out to us on our social media or stop by our shop for makeup tips and advice. We have our “share your glambisque face” and “leave it up to MUA” campaigns to teach you more and celebrate your looks when things finally go perfectly. Make us your makeup bestie!


We’re going to be here to keep you inspired every single day. We’re going to empower you with blogs, newsletter, articles, tutorial videos, tips and tricks, the latest makeup looks and more. It will get that fire going on inside of you, the one that makes you want to try them and look absolutely glamourous and take on the world. The one that makes you feel like you can do it too, because you can. Sometimes its easy to forget you can, so we’re going to remind you. If they can do it, you can do it too!

Be Real. Be You.

There’s only one of you in the universe. That’s a big deal. You are one of a kind and we think you should own it. Around here you can be yourself, sometimes people can feel like they’re not good enough, so they try to be something they’re not. But it doesn’t work. We believe you are absolutely beautiful and you should look at your own features and highlight your best. That’s what makeup is for anyway. We believe in authenticity and the more different you look the better. Stand out in the crowd and don’t be afraid to!