The Makeup | Glambisque


Our makeup is conceptualized here in Nepal, we then work very closely with our partners in Singapore, who come up with formulas for our products, which are then manufactured in their many factories around South East Asia and South Asia (Taiwan, China, Thailand, Korea and Malaysia).

The branding and packing is all designed by our in house team, and testing of the products for their safety and quality done in Singapore. Our in house team also does a second round of testing for weeks before the products hit the shelves. We want only the best quality, therefore our team tries the makeup on ourselves to see how it holds up during the day, how pigmented it is or even how convenient is the packaging to use on a day to day.

Our makeup is 100% cruelty free and formulas are all made of materials deemed safe to use, we do not use any toxic materials or ingredients experts in the field consider harmful.

We hope to one day accumulate a team of experts to start manufacturing our products or at least a few of them here in Nepal itself, but as of now, we are 100% a Nepali Brand, led and run by a team of Nepalese here in Nepal but our products are made elsewhere.